Articolo – World energy consumption trends (M.Carta, R.Delcheva)

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Autori: Marco Carta, Rositsa Delcheva
Pubblicazione: Marzo 2013
Lingua: Inglese
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Descrizione prodotto

Another preview of Agici study on the strategy of the 40 pan European Gas&Power leading companies. This article is the summary of an indepth analisys of world energy consumption in the 2005-2030 period. It deals with the evolution of demand of gas, coal, nuclear and renewables (hydro, PV and wind). From this analysis it emerges that the world energy consumption won’t probably grow negligibly in the 20 years. But the rise will be not the same in the world regions as well it will differ among the different energy sources. Concerning the regions, in the OECD countries, the consumption will probably remain stable, while in the developing nations, the rise of energy demand will be sharp boosted by the population growth. Concerning the energy sources, the weight of coal is expected to fall, while gas and renewable energies will be new leading actors. Uncertain is the future of nuclear power.


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